Joypad: Xbox, Playstation, generic brand USB, bluetooth etc.

Keyboard: WASD or arrow keys move, comma, period, z, x or spacebar to shoot.

(press i on the keyboard to toggle inverted controls)

If you are using Safari or the game screen comes up entirely green, Windows and Mac builds are also available below. The game also works OK in Chrome.

What is this?
Long ago, there was a game called "X" or "Lunar Chase" for the Game Boy, that made use of 3D graphics. The elders of the GameZone deemed it too powerful for feeble human minds of the year 1992, and it only saw a limited release in Japan. So we wondered, what if Lunar Chase had been released? Would we have seen more 3D games on the Game Boy?

Enter Space Raiders, a 3D game for #GBJam9. Shoot everything in sight, try to collect the L power-up for lasers, and see how far you get in this proc-gen space shooter.

Realistically, could this be on the Game Boy?
Maybe! It uses a lot of the 3D techniques in X, which was a real Game Boy game. 

What else is constrained?
Simultaneous sound effects are limited to two at a time, the music and sound effects were made in Deflemask using the Game Boy mode. The frame rate and viewport are also limited to give a more Game Boy feel.

Graphics and Code by @hawkun
Audio by @matthewaivic

We made this game in about 4 days, theres loads of things I'd love to add but alas there is fixed time frame for GBJam so, it is what it is. If you find a bug please do mention in the comments. And show us your high scores!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsgame-boy, Game Boy, GBJam, gbjam9, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller


Download 28 MB
Download 29 MB


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Keep building this one out - your on to something here

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very cool

good game


Reminds me of old starfox games with a GameBoy twist. This is really well done. The controls are janky for all the right reasons. It understands the control structure of GameBoy games and old starfox games, and recreates them as it is, without making it look like the developers threw janky controls for the sake of janky controls and call it a day by saying, "That is how they used to make it, back in the day." 

This developer understands the both limitations and the fun of that generation, and hence, this theoritical recreation feels like something out of that era. 

Absolutely a great game, if the developer is reading this, I wish to tell you that you should be proud of yourself for so successfully recreating the feel of this era. Even many modern developing teams would struggle with it and you guys performed it all within 10 days. 

That is not an easy thing to do.

So yeah, you all did great man. You all did great.

Thanks! A lot of the development time went into that area so thank you for noticing.

Ля, какая игрулька годная! Люблю пиксельные игры!

Удачи автору! :>

Perfect combination of retro graphics and 3D mechanics of object movement. The game is very exciting.

The deflection of the bullets fired seemed a little unnatural to me. They seem to deviate in the same direction where the trajectory of the main object bends. If the bullets fly by inertia in a straight line, then the apparent deviation of their trajectory should be the opposite, it seems to me. However, this feature does not prevent you from enjoying the game.

Thanks for the comment!

Theres no deflection of bullets programmed in the game, but its a great idea and I’d love to add one day. 



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heres my highscore, lets see if anyone can beat that

You're gonna have to trust me because i didnt have time to take a screenshot, but I got 450,000. I swear


I believe you! Thats an impressive score

Very cool game! Is there an end?

Feel free to hop into stream where I played your game or join the community discord ;)

discord code:




Hey thanks for the video! I change the controls so you don't need to press your mute button anymore. The game is randomly generated, theres no end.

Love it! :)