A downloadable Demo for Windows and macOS

Grab a friend and join Pete Jr. on a new adventure, using the trusty virtual game device Pocket Game!

On Pete Jr.’s last adventure, he saved an island from Bubble Pirate in “Pirate Pop Plus”. Pete Jr and crew return to their ship, only to find it has been overridden by Bubble Pirate’s nefarious crew! In this demo, traverse 12 levels, cleanse and return your ship to its former glory, discovering strange and wonderful treasures along the way.

This is a demo shown at Bitsummit 2017, and is of the Bubble Bobble genre. The final game is on hold, if we get a reasonable amount of interest here it may go back in to production for Itch, Steam and Switch, let us know in the comments what you think!

Final game details:

  • 1-4 Players
  • Fast Arcade Action
  • 6 playable characters
  • 256 unique levels
  • 3 game modes:
    • Tour
    • Treasure Hunt
    • VS (up to 4 player)

(Polly and Pete)


1 or 2 to start

Player 1: WASD & XC

Player 2: ARROW KEYS & OP

Supports 2 Xbox controllers.

UP to open chests and climb ladders, chains, fences.
When a level is complete, push in the direction you wish to travel.
To down jump, hold down and jump to pass through platforms.

Have fun maties! Arr! 

Pon Pon Pirates demo was made by:


ponpon26-imac.app.zip 22 MB
pon pon win.zip 20 MB

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