Development Tools

To make Bad Pixels look and sound like it is from a computer of old, we had to use various specialist tools to make the assets. Here are some of the various tools and a brief description of how they are used:

( ) Multiplatform

For a lot of the modeling, Hawkun is using Crocotile3D. It's great bit of software to force the artist into thinking about polygons. Without the distractions of being able to also make a feature length blockbuster movie in the same modeling app, Crocotile3D is all about retro graphics.

( ) Multiplatform

Unity is a game engine capable of doing almost anything you program into it. We are writing a custom rendering pipeline to achieve the look here. We also chose this for its ability to publish on multiple platforms.

( ) iOS

To crunch down the graphics for certain sprites, Retrospecs is perfect. It supports many different computers of old, not just Commodore 64. Worth taking a look if you want to see your face as processed by a ZX Spectrum, for example.

( ) OSX

For the music and sound effects we are using Deflemask's amazing SID tracker. This ensures we don't step too far away from our prime inspiration, the trusty old Breadbin (Commodore 64). 

Magica Voxel
( ) Multiplatform

Voxels are great for representing pixel art in 3D, especially if you want to view them from all angles. Magica Voxel is an amazing bit of software, and somehow, it is completely free!!

/ Commodore 64

That's right! We are also using a c64 for certain stuff. You may have heard a robotic voice in the game, this is generated with a program called SAM (Software Automatic Mouth)

Feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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Immensely useful and very interesting! Especially about SAM. I've heard that developers of "Alien: Isolation" used real VHS to capture certain visual and sound elements in full authenticity. And it worked superbly! Interesting to see other uses of "old tech" for authentic effects! For me, a lover of graphic's aesthetics from 90's and 2000's, it is inspiring. I guess I'll have to boot up Windows XP in order to make my own game as close to my vision as possible xD

Thank you for the post! Wish you best of motivation in your project!